Low-Cost Smart EV Charging

Our easy-to-install and low cost add-on device for electric vehicle charging stations ensures that you get the functionality you want, whether you are installing new stations or want to upgrade your current ones.

We upgrade simple charging stations with capabilities such as access control and usage analytics. The TEQ Charging System can even generate revenue from every charging event, allowing you to make a profit on a charging station that previously couldn't make you any money.

Our system works with most off-the-shelf Level 2 charging stations, such as Clipper Creek, GE Durastation, Bosch Power Max, and more.  We even work with Tesla destination chargers to provide access control and analytics.

Contact us today for more information and to pre-order your TEQ Charging system before our initial inventory runs out!

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A truly smart charging solution...

Access Control

Restrict access and/or free charging sessions to specific groups of people, whether employees, guests, visitors, customers, etc.

Management Dashboard

Control prices, view real-time and historical utilization, grant access to specific drivers, and more all from one convenient platform.

Mobile Interface

Using their phone, drivers can start, pay for, and end their charging session, as well as manage their account and payment information.

...at an affordable price

2-4 Year Payback Period

By prioritizing web-based interaction and simplifying the installation process, TEQ is less expensive and more profitable than current market options (15+ year payback period on infrastructure and installation).

$15 Monthly Fee

No activation fee, no annual fee. A simple monthly fee keeps the system running and keeps you up to date with the latest versions of the software. This fee can be offset or even eliminated by revenue collected from the stations.

Keep 50% Revenue

If you choose to request payment for a charge, you set the price and keep 50% of the revenue. The other 50% includes all or part of your monthly fee, meaning it can be eliminated or reduced easily.